At that time, while the internet was still making its first tentative steps in the world and other radio stations were preoccupied with a more commercial soundscape, quality house music was a little hard to come by. So Point Blank began broadcasting, to give people underground dance music that wasn’t freely available back then.

Since our inception all those years ago, the station has recently transitioned from an FM Pirate station to a legal DAB+ Radio Station. We now run 24/7 having extended our reach – across London, Surrey, Berkshire and Sussex and of course Worldwide online, at pointlankradio.com. We’ve also widened our musical offering, from Jazz, World or Soul, to Techno, Drum and Bass, Electronica and beyond, to provide a unique and varied soundtrack from past to present. So while we’re faithful to our roots, and remain predominately a House music station, we still strive to give our listeners a balanced and varied blend of great music, that you can’t find anywhere else. And ultimately, that’s what it’s always been about for us.

We’re now bringing that unique blend to new places, reaching more people, all over the world, but our philosophy hasn’t changed. Our Djs allow the music to speak for itself and deliver professional broadcasts that distinguish us from other stations. While they’re chasing trends, changing direction and are ‘new’ to House music, we remain dedicated to our values, committed to giving our listeners a quality station, playing the quality music that they want to hear.


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