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Caught the house bug in the early 90s, listening to old school, trance and techno. Went to London clubs like Megatripolis at Heaven and Whirly-gig at Shoreditch town hall. Fell in love with progressive house with Sasha & Digweed’s ‘Northern Exposure’ release in ‘96. 2000 I began tuning in to Point Blank who got me hooked on deep, funky US house & garage. Bought my first set of 1210s in 2001 and used to mix everything from old school to psy-trance. Prog has seen me through the years of late. Few years ago I entered and won a competition for ‘Progress:On’, a North-East based group devoted to progressive house sounds who had a regular night in Newcastle. I’m a resident for ProgressiveHouseUK (PHUK), who welcomed me to the fold three years ago. I love it deep, underground, progressive and funky, and it’s an honour to be DJing for Point Blank who’ve been a big influence in my love for this music.

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