The Genics Started DJing at age 15, during his beatbox days (known as Inspector Gadget) after being spotted by Mike West aka Rebel MC, following a House party in East London in mid 85.

He was in-house DJ at the Prince of Wales in Dalston 85-86 playing alongside the legendary TNT. After starting a young family, he got into Hardcore in the 90s, then DnB in 91, at that point he was was known as The Prisoner.

He played on Function FM 92/93 whilst DJing at Roller Express / Desert Storm raves with Daddy C from West London. He went on to do sound engineering in 94 and helped to run Ibiza records for Paul and Lance, and played at the Tyson Street venue, and Jungle Splash, then Rush FM and also played at the famous Club Telepathy events.

Moving on, he then became an in-house Producer for the legendary Kool FM in 95 and Shore Road Studios in Hackney, concentrating more on producing tracks such as Mr Fix It / Bob on London Sumting and Hardleaders, as well as engineering for DJs such as DJ Ron, The Ragga Twins and various artists such as Roame Lowry from Maze.

Became in house DJ at club 19-20 in Clerekenwell EC1, as The Genics, playing various selection of beats, from Jazz, DnB , funk, Reggae, Soul and House, which has lead to the birth of The Ghetto Chronicles Show, bringing a wider range of music for all the eclectic listeners.

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